Don’t Be Hesitant To Convert Your Mowers To Propane

3 Reasons You Should Not Be Hesitant To Convert Your Mower to Run on Propane


Thinking of converting your commercial lawn mower to propane? It can seem like an overwhelming process, but Hendrix can help you! We will walk you through the process of how and where to get fuel, how to install the conversion kit and service your mower, and even how to receive any incentives or rebates that are available!

During a recent podcast, Rural Lifestyle Dealer podcast series, the speaker touched on the 3 main reasons why companies are hesitant to switch from their current fuel to propane.

The #1 reason was that they were unsure of where to get the propane.  Here at Hendrix, we can make that process easy for you by finding a propane dealer in your area. Depending on the number of mowers you want to convert, we can help set up either a cylinder exchange program, where the propane company will deliver cylinders to your site, or consult you on whether installing a propane tank at your facility would make more sense.

The #2 reason for hesitation of converting mowers was the concern about a decrease in performance using propane. Jeremy Wishart, deputy director for business development at PERC (Propane Education & Research Council) explains since 2012, when PERC started collecting data from the incentive program, suggests all the field data collected from the applicants and end users that when using propane their run times and horsepower are on par or in some cases even better than when using gasoline.

The #3 reason was that companies were concerned about future service and maintenance needed for the propane mower. While there is a slight learning curve when it comes to working on a propane mower, if you can service a gas mower, you can service a propane mower. We have extensive experience when it comes to servicing these mowers, and can assist with any questions.

No matter what your concerns are regarding converting your mowers to run on propane, the crew at Hendrix is here to help you with every step along the way. We’ll make it easy, and you’ll see some great results! Call us now and let us start helping you to save money.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Hesitant To Convert Your Mowers To Propane”

    • Hi Timothy. Thank you for your response. We think that converting your generator to propane is a great idea! Not sure where you are located, but given the devastation from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, having a propane generator can be very helpful. During disasters like those, many times, if there is not electricity at gas stations, you won’t be able to purchase gas. That’s where propane would be perfect. Gasoline, if left in a tank can start to go bad after 2-3 weeks. Propane will not go bad, so if it’s been sitting in the tank for awhile, the generator will still start.

      If you are interested in getting a quote, you can email us at mailbox@hendrixgastrux or call us at 847-526-1700.

      Things you need to know when you contact us are:
      make and model number of generator, brand of engine and its model number, rope or electric start and do you want to run your generator off a portable propane tank or a large bulk tank, for instance if you home is heated by a bulk propane tank.

      We look forward to hearing from you and thank you again for your interest.

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