Fall: A Good Time To Convert Your Commercial Lawn Mower To Propane

Get a Head Start on Your Next Mowing Season!

Believe it or not, fall is a great time to start thinking about your next mowing season! Many landscape companies will be looking at ways to keep competitive in a very competitive business. No one likes to raise their prices, and trying to figure out how to hold prices for their customers next mowing season can be difficult. Hendrix Industrial Gastrux has a solution that just might help you hold down your costs and possibly lower them—yes, I said lower!

The simple solution: there’s a good chance that your commercial lawn mower can be converted to run on propane. Hendrix Industrial Gastrux, Inc. will ship you a kit for your specific mower to convert it to run on propane. If you have a service department, we can train them, or if you want to bring your mowers to us, we install them. 

Our conversion kits are made specifically for the brand of mower you are using. We do as much of the assembly of the kit as possible, so there is very little room for error during the install. While our conversion kits come with complete, comprehensive instructions, if you get stuck, we’re only a phone call away.

Now, you might be thinking, “Yes, but where do I get the propane?” Well, we can help you with that, too! We have the tools to help you find propane dealers near you, or we can find a dealer for you in your area. There are many options and we’re here to help you find the perfect, personalized solution for your company.

There are other reasons to consider converting your commercial lawn mowers to propane as a way to hold down costs. Propane is cheaper than gasoline or diesel, mowers can operate on ozone action days, propane has an indefinite shelf life, it’s environmentally friendly and, while we recommend following all instructions from the engine manufacture, it has been found that engines that run on propane have extended oil and engine life. Plus, there are even certain states that have rebate programs for converting mowers to propane and The Propane Education and Research Council offers an incentive program for those that qualify for $500!

Finally, it’s very likely that you are using trucks to haul your mowers from job to job. Your truck may also be able to be converted to propane. Talk about money savings! There’s truly no better way to improve your budget for next year’s mowing season than converting to propane.

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    • Mitcheal- thank you for your inquiry. Chances are we would not be able to get a conversion kit being as old as it is. Most of our kits have to be within a couple years of the date of manufacture.

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