Propane Conversion: Why to Convert Your Mower to Run on Propane

Propane conversion can be a complicated process if you don’t know where to begin. Here at Hendrix Industrial Gastrux we can answer all of your questions regarding propane conversion. We have been in the propane conversion business since 1953, giving us years of experience and expertise that you can trust.

Converting your mowers to run on propane is the best fuel choice you can make. The top benefits of converting to propane include:


  • LOWER COSTS: Propane can reduce operating costs. Landscape contractors who have switched to propane report immediate cost savings.


  • FEWER EMISSIONS: Propane reduces harmful carbon emissions compared with conventional fuels. In many places, propane mowers can be used on ozone action days when other mowers can’t, and low-carbon propane often gives contractors an edge when they bid jobs.


  • EASY ON-SITE REFUELING: Propane offers proven refueling options delivered right to your door.


  • REDUCED FUEL SPILLS AND PILFERAGE: With its closed fuel system, propane saves money and protects the environment by virtually eliminating costly, harmful spills and by dramatically reducing fuel theft.


  • ABUNDANT SUPPLY PRODUCED IN THE U.S.: Propane is made in America, and we have plenty of it. In fact, the United States exports enough propane annually to run the nation’s entire fleet of commercial zero-turn-radius mowers.


  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE: Top landscape contractors trust propane to stand up to the toughest jobs daily.


On top of all of these wonderful benefits, our propane conversion kits are easy to install. And, if self-installation isn’t an option for you, and you are in our area, we can do the conversion for you.

Still have questions? Contact us to get a quote to convert your mowers to run on propane. Talk to us about any questions or concerns you have!

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After your mowers are converted to propane, you will start to see your savings add up especially if you are able to take advantage of the rebate/incentive programs available.

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